Friday, March 30, 2012


Harooooo gals.. 

im back..!!  sorry for the long silence yeaa....mcm lama la plak xupdate kan?huhu... Insyallah today akan dpt pic2 untuk update, yeay!

today's post is just a short one...sbb today hari sabtu..haha! ;p

Here's a pic of one of the best moments i had during my solemnization nite.. i love u gals! :)

 my awesome, cool and supergorgenus bridesmaids...mereka juga gagah sbb mampu angkat dulang2 yg super-berat!

in pic (left to right)
shura, shira, zimie, mizzamy, *yourstruly*, meowgagah, liza, syahoney (raden), eimy, fie

cik puan tatie kite xde dia dah chow time niw...but ur not forgotten babe!! ;)

pelamin by bridalsanctuary *miss u guys!!*
 oh how i wish i can rewind and go through all this moment again... ;)