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Dear friends,

It's summer, it's hot and it's all about colour for me! Since picking up this perfect yellow blazer in Tokyo, I've been hard pressed to take it off. Styled back with a touch of tortoise and leopard print and you've got yourself a winner.

Today I had a chance to take a sneak peak at the 2012 Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival program. The line up this year is set to impress, so if you're in Melbourne, do yourselves a favour and check it out. If you're not in Melbourne, LMFF is the perfect excuse for a visit to this great city.

I'm wearing:
Blazer, via H&M
Shoes, Heels, via TONY BIANCO
Shades, via AM EYEWEAR

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Putting it together...

This week is a whirlwind, as we race around like mad pixies sprinkling the final fairy dust on all our new pretty things for this Sunday's fashion show. Can't wait to show you what we've been up to! In addition to dozens of new gowns, there will be beautiful bells and whistles from some of the best wedding artisans out there--Lille Trousseau, Ink & Peat, Twigs & Honey ... Some tickets are still available for the show--get yours here!



Here's another bad review..huhuuu. dulu i ade share bad review pasal a few vendors kan HERE HERE HERE.. ni ha ade lagi satu nie nak share kat sini.. Ok ni actually happened to my dearest friend, she just got married few months back. Dia ngadu kat i about her pelamin vendor n ask me to spread the word. FYI dia bukan blogger, so im doing a favour as a blogger.

FYI, i bukan nak tutup periuk nasi org ye.. i post ni untuk pengajaran and untuk sumer awareness yer.. yeah i know nanti mesti yg xpuas hati ngan i, mcm aritu siap ade comment2 yg sgt manis mcm kucing tuhan la, ape la.. hahaa wat a loser.. xtau ke blogger ni bleh check ip every person yg comment? nak je mention sape yg comment2 tu tp xleh la kesian dia nanti kan..kang sumer tau perangai sebenar dorang kang lagi teruk plaks kan..sumer hilang respect/caci/kutuk dorang plak. i hope those people bleh la focus on their own/family/biz/wife/hubby/future child/child's life.. :) i cuma share ape yg org adu kat i, ape yg terjadik kat dorang..so? i membantu dorang.. xkan nak biar aje vendor2 tu buat bende sama kat brides lain? No no no.. i dunwan dat to happen yerr...

FYI lagi, blog post nie and my friend xboleh di saman yer sbb ini adalah aduan dari customer vendor itu sendiri, bukannye i main2 petik je vendor n kutuk hentam xtentu pasal without any ground facts. This really happens and bukan fitnah ke ape ye. contohnye kalau i buat post main hentam petik vendor X telah bunuh customer but the thing never happened, then baru la i bleh kene saman, paham? kapish? So i ni mcm kaunter aduan la yek? hahaaa... Vendor harus consider ini adalah luahan perasaan client yg tidak puas hati la, so vendor kena la terima and belajar dari kesilapan, or do something to make it up to the client? tul x? kalau ade vendor tu xnak terima ketidakpuashatian client n rasa dorang tu hebat dan perfect tu i xleh la nak cakap ape kan, giler perasan noks.. setiap org mesti ada buat mistake n mesti terima dgn terbuka la bila ade org comment/complaint ke ape kan..kankankan? ;p

nak tau sapekah vendor tu? please read below.. sekian terima kasih..

*ni adalah copy+paste dari fb*
xlarat nak print screen cos conversation panjang menjela T_T huhu..

"I cite dgn u dari A-Z lah ek..so u can get ur facts rite..

1st time i jumpa "SI POLAN" time tue dia kerje under THEME OF QUE, and mase tue diorg buat exhibition dekat PAMERAN PENGANTIN DI MINES CONVENCTION.. we were amaze by the the backdrop yang QUE buat which was POKOK2 RANTING DI CAT PUTIH FULLS OF TEARDROPS AND CRYSTAL LIKE TINGY DANGLY ALL OVER THE POKOK..kebetulan QUE was not there, so i jumpa dgn SI POLAN.. POLAN was nice and time my mum tanye harge semua, my mum dah intrested bt i was a bit pricey and still cam pk pk lagi.. so i told my mum takper lah we wait for the next trip. If ada rezeki we meet em back.. end of 1st chapter..

2nd chapter we went for CONLAY PAMERAN PENGANTIN DI KARANG KRAF, tgh jalan2 tetibe jumpa SI POLAN, MY MUM TRUS STUCK AND TANYE PASAL BACKDROP HARITUE (referring to THEME OF QUE BACKGROUND) trus bukak harge and dia mintak 5k untuk pelamin nikah and backdrop untuk hightable..I SPECIFICALLY TOLD HIM WAT I WANT, WHICH WAS EXECATLY THE SAME AS THEME OF QUE PUNYER DESIGN TIME PAMERAN DKT MINES HARITUE.. he give his word he can do it.. so without any delay he said he can do it with 4K price.. so my mum put the deposit, by the time dia kasi resit, i was abit shock coz it was written there WEDDING MINISTRY... so i cam, ermm..u dah tak keje dgn THEME OF QUE EK?.. owh tak, i buat sendiri skrg tapi ada lah buat freelance dgn que..so dalam hati i dah terase cam tak sedap..but pk kan kite dah bayar rm500 deposit, i still rase they can deliver coz dia pernah keje DGN QUE..

chapter 3, to finalize everything, i have to meet him to finalize and let him see wat i want for the wedding deco, so i called him for meet up, itu pon i yang terhegeh2 call, coz to my understanding DECO PEOPLE NI BZ so its okey lah diorg lupe kan.. so i pon call and buat meet up, he insist for the meet up to be at his place which was IN KAJANG AREA,and i stay in pandan indah..i cakap why dont we meet up in PAPPA RICH SSF CHERAS, which in between, he said no, he will be at his place and convenience for him.. so okey, we drove all the way there to finalize stuffs..i printed out wat i want, i told him specifically wat i want, which is..



basically apa yang i mintak is very straight forward and easy to do, ALSO I TOLD HIM I DONT WANT DAISY OR KEKWA!.. he give his word that he can give me all that coz he wrote it down..

4th chapter, the day for meet up with the hall people, he said he got tings to do the day of the meet up, but i told him i got ur cheque and u better come, so he did come, and time dtg pon tak bawak apa2 pon, no sketch out noting, so i assume ur smart enuff to know wat i want d.. so by the time sampai sane and discuss dia cakap tak boleh bawak masok pokok pasal lift kecik..so i cakap..takper u boleh gune ranting, but make sure penuh mcm QUE PUNYER HARITUE..HE SAID..NO WORRIES BOLEH BUAT...

5th chapter,2 days before the event, my floor manager which was iqmal yang keje dgn COSRY, dia suggest me to take his bantal nikah and tempat letak hantaran, i cakap, takper lah iqmal, my deco people bawakan.. tapi i pon cam tergerak ati tanye si polan, i nak tanye bantal nikah and tempat letak hantaran tue u bawak kan nanti.. lame tak reply ...iqmal insist i amik,gune tak gune belakang cite, bawak jer..5min lepas iqmal hang up, si polan msg i cakap..OWH TEMPAT LETAK HANTARAN TUE WE ALL GUNE PASAL ADA EVENT LAIN, AND BANTAL TUE TAK SEMPAT NAK LARI KAN UNTUK EVENT LAGI SATU.. I CAKAP UPON AVAILABILITY KAN?.. MAYBE U SHLD USE OTHER OPTION.. how lucky i am to ask the idiot, if iqmal didnt ask me, i would have just put hope on that idiot and kosong jer lah kan semua..

FINAL DAY, he suppose to call the hall people to know what time his coming coz nak bawak lori, tapi he didnt call, bile i push baru nak call.. fine dia cakap dia dtg pkl 10, okey lah tak kesah kan.. so we waited to 10 no one came, 11 lagi lah takder, 12 bile i msg cakap u dkt mane?.. kiteorg dah nakbalik, u better call the hall people bagi tau u masok lambat. dia call cakap owh kiteorg tgh anta barang dkt puspanita u balik dulu, nanti kiteorg settlekan..okey nikah i pkl 2 tgh ari and my reception start at 6pm same day.. dah taknak pk i balik hotel, and turn out they sampai hall at 5am anta barang, and pkl 10 still tgh buat tempat pelamin nikah..apa rase u kalau as a bride, time rehearsel tue pelamin tak siap lagi?.. amazing kan?.. and as soon i step on the SO CALL FINISH JOB OF HIS..THIS WAT I GET




bile my mum tanye, pojie kenaper nampak kosong sangat tengah background tue, owh A nak kosong mcm tue, dia nak tepi2 jer ranting2 tue.. ermm.. dia gune ranting tue dalam pasu ada 6 pasu yang tak di balut dgn kain puteh, so u buat keje setengah jalan, but we already paid u 3200.. apa u buat dgn duit tue?..makan untung atas angin jer?.. bile my mum call time dia dah blah (blah pon tak ada bagi salam ker aper ker dkt tuan rumah, mana adab u?)
dia tak angkat my mum call?.. i dah nak jerit, tapi i tahan coz im goin to be the bride, ikut kan ati i nak scrap off everyhting and i want my fully refund money.. i could have ask my friends to do it, coz KITEORG TAK MERAYU ENGKO AMIK JOB KITE, ENGKAU YANG MERAYU SURUH BAYAR DEPOSIT AND GIVE US YOUR WORD YANG U BOLEH BUAT..

im so blessed with good friends, so they are the one yang lari pergi beli lantern, abg cd scrap of the backdrop from nikah and touch up semua bende dkt AREA HIGHTABLE.. i rase sebak bile pk kan, if only i dont have good friends around, i would ended up wiith ONE HUGE WHITE BACKDROP WITH NOTING..

last few days he msg me and ask bout the balance, me as an angry bride, i told him wat he had done.. and he called me the next day but i cant bare to pick up his call, i ask H to pick up and tell him off.. cakap cara mcm ni ker ko buat rezeki and duit tue mmg tak halal kalau ko buat keje mcm ni.. he did called my mum and ask is it tru my mum tak halal kan duit yang my mum bayar..WTF..IS THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT TING FOR U TO KNOW?..

I COULD HAVE DONE WORST TINGS TO HIM LIKE SUE HIM OR WAT SO EVER, BUT I TAKNAK BENDE NI MELERET COZ DIA PON BARU SETAHUN JAGUNG BUAT BUSINESS.. but honestly i hope TUHAN YANG BALAS U DGN APA YANG U DAH BUAT, JANGAN JANJI ORG BENDE YANG U TAK BOLEH BUAT, AND SELALU BERKEJER DGN HATI YANG IKHLAS AND BUAT SEPENUH HATI, dan penuh adab, it shows in ur work if u did it opposite. AMIN.. (saya bukan org yang mulia sangat, jadi saya tak kan maafkan apa yang u buat dan takan lupekan apa yang u buat) kalau suruh lupe kan, BOLEH KER AKU BUAT MAJLIS KAWIN LAGI SEKALI?.. JAWAB LAH KALAU BOLEH?..

i taknak burukan rezeki sesiapa, but i want people to know apa yang dah jadi dgn i and learn from my mistake..

fyi: i happy sangat bile QUE personally msg me bout the incident, coz turn out que is my primary school friend nyer bestfriend.. but agak terkilan i tak pergi jumpa dia personally..but thanks QUE for saying stuffs to me.. itu baru cara org beradab kerje.. "

"owh and also..semalam my mum cakap..dia jumpe ranting2 yang dia tak siap buat, diorg champak jer dkt blakang hall.. U TAK SAKIT ATI KER KALAU TAU.. DAH LAH TADI I TANYE QUE, harge bunga tue mahal jker..dia cakap dia tgk bunga tu tak sampai rm200.. ermm... he dah makan my mum money 3200.. banyak kan..so untuk dia berkali ganda..cam tue i nak buat business kawin lah.. boleh kaya raya.."

"pasal yg pelamin angan ku musnah tue takper..anytime pon boleh..si gile tue pon tak call2 my mum lagi..beriya janji nak call nak bagi balik duit..adoo lah kan..."

"owh its okey no prob.. nanti i tagged the pic of the table k.. ok babe, i rase lepas u post the ting, i tink i akan rase puas..wah mcm apa jer cakap cam tue..hahaahah biar semua org tau kenaper dia buat mcm tue.. u ask org yang sellau tgh pelamin, u rase bende2 tue worth 4k ker?.."

"u tgk bunga dalam bekas hantaran i lagi luxury dari tgk pelamin i.. pastu i dah cakap..NO KEKWA..dah terang bunga dkt pelamin tue penuh dgn kekwa kan..
owgh babe, gambar ada lagi tertinggal..ada yang dia ikat gune rubber band nasik lemak, pastu tak cover...hahahah..pastu letak bunga layu..nanti malam i kasi u lagi.."

"thanks babe.. tapi bile dia sponsor untuk pameran pengantin..meriah..boleh plak buat..ermm..wtf kan.. org mcm ni bile kite cakap..dia buat bodo2..cam..ermm..kenaper u cakap mcm tue dgn i...u tau, bile my husband cakap aku ko, dia telefon my mum cakap..boleh tak cakap dgn aunty, i tak boleh cakap dgn H pasal dia cakap aku kau..like wtf kan..ko dah buat taik, kite nak sembah ko ker bile bercakap..."

"okey..PASAL MAK I LEMBUT ATI..hahahah.. my mum cume cakap, kenaper u buat keje mcm ni..dia cakap.. SORRY LAH, PLUS A MINTAK MCM TUE!..PFFFTTT "ARE U SERIOUS?.." "

"babe i tulis u dia buat brake down receipt ni dkt i (kenaper dia tak boleh bayar balik duit kiteorg)

pelamin nikah - rm900
meja beradab (tidak bersama kerusi pengantin) - 500.. jap cont later..kene gi ONE UTAMA PLAK..aish..bye"

"dari deco hampeh

Normal kalau pelamin nikah saya charge rm900
-meja beradap rm500
-pokok (ranting yang indah tue) rm200 per pokok x7 = rm1400
- transportation charges pergi balik dari puchong ke maju junction lori 3tan rm560 (rm200 pergi + rm200 balik +rm70 untuk 2 pekerja angkat barang level 10 ( ha'a i punye tempat tue takder lift kene charge org angkat ranting2 yang berat tue)
-tambah perkerja saya setup n bunga rm100x4 org = rm400
-kain backdrop (new) 2 roll x70m xrm3 = rm420..
so total 3190..

(teror kan decorater i kire2, dia boleh bajet sampai tinggal rm10 jer dari i bayar rm3200 tue.. pastu untuk dia rm800 jer..wahhh.. baik hati kan dia buat keje untung banyak tue jer..)"

*click for larger view*

So wat do u think? patutkah bride ni ngamok pasal dis matter? patutkah bride ni rasa tidakpuashati dgn matter ni? should this vendor be given a second chance? it's up to u to decide whether this vendor should be given a second chance onot.. i jadik org tgh jer about this matter.. tapi ikutkan mmg rasa geram kot cos my friend yg terkena ni.. kalau i lagi la mesti godzilla trus depan org okeh. i cuma boleh belajar n avoid from this kinda thing happen la..

ok tu jer.. nanti nak share bad review vendor lain plak.. this one baru betul happened to me, rasenye ramai yg tau pasal case ni..cuma i xshare kat blog lagi.. but tgh tunggu jer ni, kalau betul xdpt pape i akan post pasal dia kaw2 punye..skang ni masih boleh bersabar n cool lagi..

ok till then babes, daaaa....


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Meowternoon my fabulousssss readers..! :)

How are u..? hows preps? Okay for those yang maybe baru nak start planning or tgh nak plan for a wedding. ape kata baca ni.. i found this informative and useful notes from a top photographer yg sgt2 experience bab2 flow wedding. Logically, i rasa photographer la yg byk ilmu bab2 ni cos dorang yg lalui saat2 wedding n doranglah yg nampak the 'clear picture'. yg pengantin kadang2 xprasan a lot of things and time wedding tu mungkin agak blur2 n dalam awang-awangan.. tul x ex-brides? hehehee... Best ar baca nih..Credit to photographer Shagrasyiid, i sgt LIKE tips and notes dia nih.. ;)

*copy+paste ajo*
ihsan : www.facebook.com/StudioShagrasyiid | www.shagrasyiid.com

Pengalaman sendiri berkahwin di KLCC & pendapat peribadi, untuk majlis2 biasa di tempat kebiasaan... Tapi terpulang la kat plan masing2.. Sendiri punya majlis kan..

(ok yg KLCC tu tipu haha!!)
*nak kawen :
survey apa yg perlu 6 bulan sebelum
book apa yg perlu 3 bulan sebelum... tp ramai skang ni awa2 giler da book, bagus gak

*Pegi fitting baju : make sure ikut selesa dan kehendak anda, warning awal2 kat butik tak perlu nak longgarkan takut gemok ke hapa or klau saiz lari, kesian cam aku baju kawen besar cam guni pdahal cantek je fitting sebelum kawen sob sob ~~~

*Pelamin : klau bleh jgn bnyak tiang2 dan luas sedikit, muatla nnti sedara mara yg 8 generasi tu nak masuk dlm gambar kan...

*Warna Pelamin : Lagi banyak putih, lagi cantik. Janji ada putih pun ok la.. So yg duduk blakang2 tgh makan tu nampak la jelas sikit dr jauh pelamin anda itu..

*Mak andam offer photografer : boleh consider, tapi lebih baek cari sendiri, ikut kepuasan sendiri. Sekarang ni ramai yg carik sendiri rasanya..

*Karpet : Depan pelamin kalau boleh ada karpet, lawa sikit kan...

*Katering or not : Better go for Katering, bnyak belanja tp your family & sedara lebih enjoy & happening klau xkena buat bnyak keja... So gambar akan lebih bnyak gelak senyum tawa, kurang la sikit wajah2 stres mak bapak yg risau nasi da abes la, ais da abesla..
Tapi biasa kalau kat kg yg buat rewang, rewanglah.. xde masalah..

*Karaoke??? :
Nak nampak best, upah band yg pro (jgn la band2 yg teruk plak, at least yg penah org sajes or u penah tengok sendiri).
Nmpak cool, pasang je MP3 lagu2 terpilih anda, lagu semua lebih sedap, telinga lebih selesa mendengar, tak semestinya lagu kawen saja, yg penting mild2 sikit, & kadang2 baru lagu yg rancak sket takut ngantuk plak semua org dengar..
Last choice: karaoke.. Kalau yg nyanyi sumbang, tahan je la telinga..

*Nikah : Buat malam, pas Isyak, sejuk sikit. Kalau pagi hari yg sama, ko akan lebih penat nnti, & maybe termiss beberapa perkara kecil yg penting.. Pastu leh ajak cameraman pi outdoor 2-3 frame.. ala kejap je, maen2 bawah lampu...

*Bersalam2an masa nikah & selepas : kameraman ramai ni, salam & hold dulu kasi diorang snap...

*Nikah @ Masjid/Rumah : Klau umah sempit, wat kat masjid/surau berdekatan..
*Guestbook : Bagus jugak kalau ada... Sapa yg datang sila sain & bagi ucapan wat pengantin baru. Benda ni klau ada, korang akan kenang smpai bila2.. ^_^ (nak guestbook? kitorang leh watkan hehe.. )

*Kalau ada can renovate umah : Cat dengan kaler yg cerah (nmpak luas, sedap memandang, or langsir2 kain ke apa yg berwarna cerah...)

*Saling2 baju : Xpayah la, klau mak andam offer pun ckap je timakaseh.. Sebab : memenatkan korang nnti + aku rasa mcm kelakar, klau nak shoot lain2 baju2 baik buat tmpat lain & pilih betul2, bukan seperti terpaksa pilih antara baju India, pastu Jepun, pastu Minang bla bla yg mcm zaman dulu2....

*Sebelum keluar bersanding mak sure klau ada renjis2 tu benda yg nak direnjis tu da diisi da ada di atas pelamin... Call la mak ke adik ke tanya & confirm kan benda2 tu da isi ke blum..

*Makan Beradap : Kalau boleh, pastikan ada tabir di belakang anda, jgn kosong..... nmpak pokok umah longkang kereta & etc kat blakang...

*Pengapit : Ingatkan dia bawak tisu, payung, kipas. (cakap 2 -3 kali pun xpa biar tak tertinggal drpd terpaksa kipas pakai tangan je nnti)

*Berarak : Lepaskan Azan Zohor dulu kot.. tak best la plak tgh berkompang2 sama time dgn azan, respekkk...

*Pengapit atas pelamin : bgtau diorang time renjis2 xyah kipas jap, kameraman xnampak..

*Aku suka klau pengantin ada baling gula2 kat pelamin, sebab time tu la dia baru nak senyum natural & gelak ketawa dengan tetamu yg kat depan tu.. ^_^

*Gambar outdoor : nak nampak kelas, bnyakkan shoot outdoor TANPA memandang kamera. (klau kat pelamin dgn family sedara mara ke yg wajib tu standardla..)

*Patung atas kek : aku ada prasan kat Midvalley ada booth yg leh wat patung kecik sebiji cam gambar yg korang bagi dia tiru. 300++ kot klau xsilap. Tu pun klau ada, cun jugak, kelihatan cute la majlis tu nnti kononnya..

*Bgitau kawan2, nak datang tu jgn smpai pukul 5. Katering smpai pukul 4 je pun sayang.... Pastu pengantin nak shooting outdoor lagik... Kalau tak dpt salam berjumpa tu mintak maapla ye, da ckap awal2 jgn dtg lepas pukul 5..

*Upahla budak2 zapin ke Istana budaya ke menari2 sikit, kata Raja.... ^_^

*Susunan aturcara yg aku rasa sesuai :
> Berarak dgn kompang (pempuan kiri, laki kanan, tangan kanan pmpuan kepit tangan laki)
> naik pelamin (kadang2 ada doa, tengok family la)
> renjis (JANGAN AMIK GAMBR FAMILY TIME NI! Kalau da sekali ko kena tahan ko nak amik gambar, abih member ko yg lain, sedara2 pun tahan ko) so da rugi beberapa minit, family pelawat tu panas lapar nak makan tau...
> turun pi makan beradab (tunggu! doa kejap..)
> ok dah makan kejap je, xyah la smpai licin pinggan ikan ayam dan udang tu..
> potong kek (xyah tengok kamera, ko suap org ada ke tengok tempat lain??)
> ajak family belah pelawat shoot gambar dulu (sebab diorang nak blk japgi)
> pastu sedara family pelawat
> pastu member2
> pastu turun salam2 tetamu (ingat, diorang dtg nak tengok pengantin, bukan nak salam makan jek) "Jemputlah makan!"/ "Terimakaseh datang!" / "Lama tak jumpa, duduk mana skrg" / bla bla kejap je sudah...
> tetamu da xramai, ajak family tuan umah bergambar puas2, tergolek terlentang semuanya la..
> pastu pose la sikit kat pelamin berdua, da bayar pelamin berhempas pulas xbergambar rugi plak..
> pastu pi la shoot outdoor..

*Rasa kekok depan org ramai??
i)Tak perlu rasa sebarang rasa kekurangan diri anda, konfiden je mcm biasa & tak payah kontrol2 sebab slalunya xjadik klau kontrol2 ni... Ingat je dlam kepala jgn hirau org len, ini majlis anda dan anda punya suka la nak wat apa. Klau nak ketawa, ketawa je.. Candid yg terbaek adalah yg datang secara natural...
ii) rehearsal : tanya kameraman yg ko da book tu, bleh tak nak wat pre-wedd kat tmpat public

*Pasangan anda sukar berposing candid? Senang, tarik telinga dia, cucuk perut dia, gelak ketawa yg dapat dicapture itulah yg paling beremosi dan xkan basi klau tatap smpai bila2 dlam album anda..

Bajet fotografi & videografi??? Survey cukup2.
Lebih senang klau ko bgtau diorang ko ada banyak ni & then tanya apa bleh bagi, pastu rundinglah yg terbaek..

*Hari majlis yg dicadangkan : Sabtu
sebab ahad leh rehat2 lagi, org jauh pun leh dtg xkesah esok cuti lagi..

*Minggu majlis yg dicadangkan : Awal bulan la!!!
sebab bnyak sket hadiah dpt nnti HAHAHAHA!!!!!

*Masa nak berarak, tengok depan tengok org & senyum mcm biasa jek.. jangan pandang bawah

*Nak bersalam2 or laga pipi, mulut xyah muncung2, senyum je 

*Masa kat atas pelamin pun, jangan asik tengok bawah je, tengok depan ye, alah segan sekejap je~~

*"Sebelum keluar bersanding make sure klau ada renjis2 tu benda yg nak direnjis tu da diisi da ada di atas pelamin... Call la mak ke adik ke tanya & confirm kan benda2 tu da isi ke blum.." Sebab da penah jadik, TIGA kali.. hehe

*Masa salam jgn tonyoh idong/dahi smpai penyek, letak asal jejak je sudehhh hehe...

hehheee bila baca mmg lawak gelak sorang2.. tp realiti mcm betul kan? kan?kan??kan??? thanks for sharing Mr Top Photographer Shagraasyid.. :D

ok kalau ade yg menarik2 lagi i share lagik yer ngan uols.. lepas ni ade hot story (bad review) nak share..akan menyusul kemudian yer..huhuhuuuuuuuuu....


Gold Jewelry - Bracelet and model with gold sets

Models for Engagement Rings

We shown Engagement ring models:

Engagement Ring Model-1:

Engagement Ring Model-2:

Engagement Ring Model-3:

Engagement Ring Model-4:

Engagement Ring Model-5:

Engagement Ring Model-6:

Engagement Ring Model-7:


Heyya ladies...

oops jangan terkejut dgn post 'test' tu tadi..i am not having a nervous breakdown..haha.. i juz test jer cos just not suddenly my blog appeared as 'not found'. OMG mmg rasa nak gugur jantung tadi.. i cepat2 emailed to google, n then tanye kat friends kat fb.. then, pling! it's back..phewwwww....jgn la buat camni lagi my dear blog....huhuuu.. so ok tukar topic!

awriteeey then... wah, 10days bebehs..!! haha... ok now da rasa a bit nervous.. tp bukannye nervous n then buat sumer bende mcm semut n xrest langsung.. ni juz rase nervous terpikirkan sempat ke siap ni?sempat ke siap tu?tp reality zzZzzzz.. haha...ape daa...

i wish i ni rajin update mcm uya.. dia tinggal brape hari je lagi nak jadik wifey en.rayza n yet sgt rajin kott update..i ni yarobi nape la malas sgttt?? help meeee.... diy veil pun xsiap.. venci tawww...huhu... so untuk semangatkan diri.. nak update a few things here (in random order)

Last week (21-22jan), i managed to buy things for ze-bride's-chamber..sumer beli kat HOUZ since dekat je ngan rumah.. bleh tahan murah jugak the price.. i compare ngan giant, dia punye murah sket... hoh gituee..The stuffs i bought..

curtains, alas kaki purper karer, comforter set purper karer jugak, and mattress protector (a must!), and towels untuk mempelai..ecewah.. towel biase2 je kot yg rm30 punye..besar sampai cecah jari kaki..haha mama la yg pilih.. ;p

keadaan bilik skang? xde rupe mcm bilik pengantin langsung..!! sepah ngan barang2 yg macam2.. baju2 dlm bakul, paper bag n plastic barang2 hantaran yg sepah2.. adoihai.. T_T

Note to self: cepat beli handbag + kasut..!! argh.. tinggal tu je xsettle lagi.. huhu.. barang2 my meowsayang dah settle dah except for sireh and food items. As for dulang hantaran, got a slight change on the dulang..huuhuu.. mula2 dulu semangat nak buat mcm my sketch nie..

 focus yg belah kiri tepi tu..yg lain tu abaikan cos itu verangan aje, xde pun mcm tu time wedding nanti..hehe.. Ok actually i nak buat ala2 flora etc punye kaki dulang.. i suke sbb xtinggi sgt mcm kaki dulang biasa.. thanks to my lazy self, impian xtercapai.. budget pun xmembantu untuk beli manik camtu byk2..huhu.. nak sewa pun xtau mana nak carik.. T_T 
so last2 pakai dulang biase je laaa.. tu pun after smlm kemas2 barang2 lama kat umah tu, me+mama found sumthing yg best..!yeah my hantaran ade la a bit twist kat situ..hope menjadi la..hehee.. ;)

Okay this part i excited sgt22222...!! i dah pilih my b2b blogger friends, and i love them to bits.. ye dorang b2b blogger, n they are not strangers to me. We share everything about weddings together and dah mcm family pon. Kalau i nak pilih my normal frens xbleh cos they all da ada family n mostly are professionals xleh nak commit, xkan i nak panggil doctor fren yg kene oncall jadik bridesmaid? xkan nak panggil fren yg keje kat offshore jadik bridesmaid? So rasenye xsalah i nak pilih b2b bloggers pun kan? even my pelamin vendor pun likes the idea. Alahh pape pun it's my wedding i do watever i wanna do, my money pun kan....betul x?  watever u say or do, people will only judge org2 itu and label org itu jealous, dengki dan seangkatan denganye. not me yer cos im living my life, x amek kisah org lain pon kannn x mcm org2 tu.... hahahaaa.. 

eh da meleret plaks kannnn, ape nak cakap tadi eh? oh yea, about bridesmaid da ok.. but about groomsmen, uhuk2 lastnite my fiance meowsayang called n told me maybe groomsmen yg segak pakai baju hitam xjadi.. cos ade cousins xdpt nak attend mlm nikah tu,so kekurangan guys, maka belah dia biase2 je ler.. hmmmmm... T_T kira my side je la ade bridesmaid.. take deep breaths renee, deep breaths renee.. heeeehoooo,heeee hoooo... T_T xnak jadik bridezilla yer... Whatever the decision is, i have to accept... kalau xmenjadik itz okay, xde rezeki kan..so just go with the flow bebeh...

hey pic ape nih..??!! hahahaaaa ;p 
jgn mare ye my readers.. saje jer nak hiburkan hati ini..huhuhuuu..

omgomgomgomgggg.... one of the most exciting part...weeeee...! sgt xsabar.. canot explain here, nanti lepas kawen i akan review ya.. but pape pun, the meeting, the setup, the design, the people, the everything sgt2 best..!!!! weeeee.. :D for those yg nak survey MINI PELAMIN, bleh la refer HERE :)
salah satu mini pelamins from my list HERE

1. GUESTBOOK                : PENDING
4. SIGNAGE                     : PENDING
5. DIY VEIL                     : PENDING
6. ??????                       
PENDING.PENDING.PENDING.PENDING. Kesimpulannye.. sumer PENDING. my DIY projects xsiap2 lagi.. errrghh...i cuma stress sket sbb marah pada diri sendri yg sgt malas nih. kalau nak upah org mcm dah xsempat dah..kang kalau org tu terima gak job last minute tapi hasil xbagus xpasal2 kiteeee gak yg dipersalahkan (padahal bleh tolak untuk xambil job kan?).. tul x.. so better buat sendri je la..cari pasal je kalau nak upah org last2 minute nie...
this is wat my body is telling me..hehee ;p

Yeaaaayyyy atlast i dpt my vendor for pelamin dewan..lagi sebulan nak kawen baru terhegeh nak carikkan.. i think before i ada citer sket about it HERE. i da survey2 and last2 dpt la jugak..phewww.. i was torn between 2 choices actually, i da mmg suke 1 butik nie.. baju2 n pelamins dorang mmg nak pengsan, n owner+designer+mua dorang sgt22222 awesome, baik n sporting..rase mcm ade chemistry gitu.. butik tu adalah SURI WEDDINGS.. but mama ada certain budget(bukan 10k ye, it's a quarter of dat), and memandangkan i xcukup fund untuk topup, maka terpaksa carik lain. saye mengikut perintah aje yer..huhu.... last2 jumpa ngan BUTIK C, pelamin dia chantek n akak tu baik gilerssss.. dah booking n lega sket hati nie...sorry nanti lepas kawen i akan review yer..hehee.. hint: vendor ini pon penah wat wedding artist..gitueeewwwww.. eh jgn renee, nanti org ckp berlagak plak kan..haha ;p i recommend both vendors ni, cos dorang best..! :D p/s: pelamin i biase2 je taw, majlis pun sederhana je yer..sekian terima kasih.

 adohai gorgeousnyeee... nak camnie kak suri..hehheee.. xpe lah xde rezeki kan.. T_T
 ni pelamin SURI WEDDINGS yer. interested bleh contact dorang ye.. ;)


ok my mom lately suke check on me (yeah alhamdulillah now she's totally focusing on my wedding.. :) thank u mama i loveeee u). tetibe dia akan buat spotcheck list.. "towel da beli? toiletries dah ada? itu ada? ini dah beli?" then one day dia buat lagi "baju dalam sumer dah beli?". I pun jawab la, dah ade da ma, xpe jimat..then mama ckp "hey xkan nak pakai yg buruk2 tu, xmalu ker nanti ngan fared (nama manje my meowgagah)..buang la yg da kembang2, lusuh2 tu, malu la mama..". erk sentap jap, xpenah nak terpikir..hehehe.. so beli laaa yg baru2..wee suka. n then hari2 yg lain mama buat sudden spotcheck lagi.. "baju tido dah beli?" baju tido berlampak dah mama, yg sumer ni masih ade lagi (i was thinking of my kaftans, pyjamas, shorts, pyjama shorts)..aritu beli baju dlm jer.. then mama ckp "baju tido laa".. i ni da la slow, tp time tu laju jugak la tangkap..hahaa.. i was like, OWH haah la.. heehee nanti la.. the conversation happened last year, so time xmas sale i gi la kat LA SENZA n bought some 'baju tido'.. hahaa... another word, LINGERIE..!! direct je kan senang.. hahaaa.. ;p Yesterday my mom suddenly masuk topic ni lagi.. she said she heard Dr fadzilah kamsah's advice, jgn la bila suami balik tu pakai baju kelawar...jangan... haha we had a great laugh. ok tukar topic, mcm segan pun nanti org lain nightmare la plaks.. hahaaaa ;p
grandma's pee-jays..nononooo...


Malas nak pikir sgt pasal doorgift cos my abang n SIL yg sponsor..alhamdulillah..thank you farouk n kaksuzy..! love u all..! :D cuma bekas dia mama yg dah beli dari kota bharu..murah gilers.. sumer colours ada..hehe ;) cuma tinggal nak letak makanan je dalam tu.. we all senang jer, bagi telur.. kids bagi chocs+sweets.. settle..kotak dia pun biase2 je..mama ckp xyah ribbons bagai..juz letak tag or stickers.. so ni la stickers nyer da collect last week.. i asked for a design dat is similar to my wedding invitation card..

 i grab kekotakku's scallop sticker promo rm150 for 1000pcs.. berbaloi x? i tgk hasil dia sgt2 chantek..! although the transaction between vendor n customer agak slow (maybe bz?) but hasil dia awesome.. thank you kekotakku! :) i sengaja xletak date so sumer event bleh pakai..hehehe jimatttt... ;p

I did mentioned about my cards HERE. i mmg buat 500 jer cards sbb nak jimat. but i mmg da calculate sepatutnye cukup la untuk my frens.. but thanks to my dad's secretary who spoiled almost 50cards, i terpaksa korbankan card i bagi kat my dad..ye la dia nak invite kawan2 dia kan, i pun ok je la..huhu.. so u all yg mintak card tu im very2 sorry... it seems inappropriate to invite thru fb, but i do hope u all understand.. da masing2 pun ade fb kan, mesti da biase kan....heheeee.. sorry taww.. Wait for another one here kat blog yer.. You all are invited to my sanding 12.2.12 @ dewan bukit damansara. Wedding i ni biase2 je ye, dont put any high expectation just because im a b2b blogger. sekian terima kasih. for the meantime for those who wants to attend can refer HERE for details:)

okeh ape lagi ek?? nanti la bagi i pikir jap ape nak update..teheee.. ;p ok till then babes, daaa~~


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Andra + Chad {Texas Engagement}

Yesterday, my sister Emma called me to tell her boyfriend had finally proposed!  Yay! I'm so excited and happy for them.  Being engaged is such a fun, memorable time and I, personally, can't wait for the wedding planning to begin :)  So, now all I have to do is plan a trip out to Houston to see that shiny, new rock!  Congrats, you two!

Since the newly engaged couple resides in Texas, I thought what better way to kick off the week then with a vintage-inspired engagement session from one of my favorite Texas photographers, Love Caryn Photography.  This darling couple wanted their quirky, off-beat style to shine through and with the help of Love Caryn Photography, they were able to achieved some stunningly beautiful images.  

Oh, and make sure to check out their adorable video...


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Friday, January 27, 2012


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Dear friends,
There is so much to love about this dress, via my friends at STYLESTALKER. Pleats, prints AND cut-out sleeves - almost too much dress goodness.

Another warm, sunny Melbourne weekend - now off to the beach!

I'm wearing:
Blazer, via SABO SKIRT
Heels, via TONY BIANCO

Friend in Fashion

P.S. These aviator shades are courtesy of the team at DRAGON ALLIANCE, who are currently on the hunt for a party-loving BFF to attend their exclusive events for a year! If you're a bit of a party animal, head on over to FACEBOOK to enter.

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