Friday, July 15, 2011

For Your Dancing Feet :: Flip Flops

Some say flip flops at weddings have gone "out of style". I disagree. What girl doesn't like to kick off her heels, throw on a pair of comfy flip flops and let loose on the dance floor?! Comfort doesn't go out of style. See my point? Not to mention, I still see flip flops at over half of our weddings each season. This "trend" doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon. In fact, I've had at least 3 brides contact me within the past few weeks asking for advice on flip flops. Therefore, I thought I would write up a few helpful tips on this subject. 
  • How many? Go through your guest list and count each woman/girl attending. I recommend having enough pairs for just about every single one of them. You don't want to leave anyone out. They will go quick, trust me!
  • What sizes? This is tricky. Obviously, you aren't going to ask each guest their shoe size; therefore, I recommend purchasing the most common sizes: 7, 8, & 9. Be mindful of the little girls too - if you're inviting children, you should also think about purchasing a few smaller sizes as well.
  • How to display? Get creative...there are no rules here! Think about your wedding style, and what type of container would suite your style best. Most common way of displaying? In a tub (as pictured above), basket, bucket, or even wooden box. Don't forget a cute sign too ;)
  • Where to purchase? Hands down one of the most popular stores to get cute & cheap flip flops is Old Navy. Don't forget about stores like Target and Kohls too.
Tip :: If you have the ability to color coordinate the flip flops by size, I highly recommend doing so! As you'll see in the photos above, the bride not only color coordinated them, but also added fun little size tags to each pair as well. Totally optional, but definitely practical! 

Photos courtesy of Leeann Marie Photography.