Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Budget Friendly Flower Inspiration :: Carnations

I know what you must be thinking...carnations...bleh! Carnations are unfortunately one of the flowers that get a bad wrap, and to be perfectly honest, I'm really not sure why. I'm a flower lover. There's really not an 'ugly' flower in my book. Sure, I have my favorites just like any other girl, but I actually like the ruffled look of carnations. Flowers stem from nature, and to me, nature is beautiful. Just my two cents.

Maybe the real reason why I like carnations is because carnations were my late grandmother's favorite flower. Every Friday night my grandfather would bring her home a bouquet of carnations accompanied with Chinese take-out...their usual Friday night routine. They were married 71 years. Pretty awesome, if you ask me! So today I am bringing you some carnation inspiration in her honor. Enjoy!

Photo credit # 1 :: Chelsea Fuss via Sweetest Occasion Blog
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Photo credit # 3 :: Martha Stewart Weddings
Photo credit # 4 :: Unknown